Upstream Color (2013)


And so it came to pass that I did finally watch the second feature from Shane Carruth, whose debut film Primer may well be my most favourite film of the last 20 years. I’ve been longing to watch this film and have resisted reading any reviews or theories about it’s meaning or even it’s content. Never the less i’d picked up on some of it’s supposed intricacies and themes from conversations here and there. Upstream Color may well be the film I have most recommended that people see without ever seeing it myself. What stopped me watching it? Fear. As i’ve mentioned before on the blog so many times i’ve endured a follow up or sequel to something that I have cherished that could not possibly live up to the first or original film. It is with great relief and with ecstasy that I look forward to my second viewing of Upstream Color. Even more idiosyncratic than Primer - UC seems to nail the emotional connection between friends, lovers or simply other human beings in the similar fashion to how Primer tickles at the nerve endings of understanding ego. It’s a beautiful film both aesthetically and aurally, but more importantly thematically. It could well be an allegorical soup of dreamy images and primal amniotic sensation or it could easily be a tightly plotted thriller. And herein is it’s brilliance. Pure cinema, evocative of Lynch or Cronenberg. Deep sci-fi, it’s tale woven betwixt Asimov & Philip K. Dick.  Exemplary. 

Directed by: Shane Carruth

Written by: Shan Carruth

Delivery Format: Blu-ray, TV

Links: IMDB / Wikipedia

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